• Chef de Cuisine
  • Date: 2015-08-24
  • He’s a chef who adds his personal touch to everything that he cooks. He gave India a first of its kind of museum restaurant ‘Ember’ at Le Meridien, Kochi. A celebrity down south, he has his own TV show. Meet Chef JP Singh, Executive Chef, Le Meridien, Kochi as he shares more of his culinary journey with Hotel Connect.
    By | Rachita Sehgal



    Tell us something about your culinary journey. How did it shape your cooking philosphy?
    I’ve been in hospitality as a chef for more than 15 years, and have been travelling and working all around India. My culinary journey started from Mumbai, then shifted to Goa, Calcutta, Kerala, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, and  now back in Kerala. It makes me more connected to the guests and I can understand them and their palate much better and offer them what they expect.


    Ember is the first museum restaurant in India. How did you come up with this unique concept?
    As Le Meridien is about ‘culture cuisine and coordinates, we wanted to offer something on those lines to the city and be unique. Museum restaurant are available abroad, but, in India we don’t have something where you can actually dine inside a museum. We did our research and tied up with ‘folklore museum’ which is showcasing the culture of Kerala and its history, even Prince Charles visited that place.


    Have you introduced any unique recipes for Ember?
    Smoked salmon panni poori among various others recpies.


    At present, what are the noteworthy changes in the evolving Indian palate?
    We Indians like to try everything and keep experimenting, we want to try unique things however we are happy with our soul food which we have been eating all our life


    What are your signature dishes?
    Elneer chemeen Cochin bay prawns cooked with Tender coconut inside its shell.

    In such a competitive market, what according to you makes a restaurant brand successful?
    Freshness, using local produce and understanding, your guest palette is of utmost importance to make a restaurant brand successful.


    Tell us something about your TV show.
    The concept of the show is that I go to a house and I cook a meal out of the ingredients available at home. It showcases how a five star meal can be prepared and presented in your own house. It’s a challenge for me every time as I can’t repeat what I cooked earlier and I land up in houses sometimes where they don’t have anything. That is where a chef brain works and cooks scrumptious food even when you can’t think of anything that can be made.


    If not a chef, what would have you been.
    Honestly, I have never thought of being anything apart being a chef.

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