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  • Date: 2013-07-12

  • Ashwin Rajagopalan

    Shopping and summer are almost inseparable, mobile phones are no exception. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (in February-March) usually sets the tone for the year and come summer most leading brands are ready with their flagship devices that remain the mainstay of their big budget ad campaigns.

    Samsung and Apple have been in another zone during the last few years with the other brands busy trying to play catch up. Samsung’s Galaxy series has set the benchmark for Android devices while the iPhone has become one of the ultimate objects of this year. The battle for Smartphone supremacy in 2013 looks set to be a more even contest and if you are looking at an upgrade you will be spoilt for choice. We pick out five that could be your next ‘go to’ device:

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 (Rs 41,000): the S4’s design might have come as a disappointment for mobile enthusiasts and owners of the S3 who were expecting a radically new form factor. But Samsung’s flagship device always starts as the default favourite. The vibrant ‘Super AMOLED’ 5-inch HD screen is clearly one of the standout features. The S4 is also the first major Smartphone to be powered by an Octa Core processor ensuring a lighting fast performance. The S4 comes with its usual bag of tricks like dual shot where both cameras work simultaneously and add the person clicking the picture into the image.
    Sony Xperia Z (Rs 38,000): Sony’s finest Android Smartphone ever is also a triumph of design - it is waterproof (up to 1 metre) and dustproof. With clean lines and a glass back, this gorgeous slab is bound to spark conversations. The phone features a 5-inch touch screen with an eye popping 441 pixels per inch that makes everything from text to images look prettier. Sony’s in-house strengths – camera and music player come to the fore in the Xperia Z.    

    HTC One (Rs 42,000): If you had to pick a phone purely on design credentials it has to be the HTC’s flagship device for 2013. Crafted painstakingly with an aluminium chassis HTC One is bound to standout in a room full of ‘me-too’ devices. The user interface is sheer eye candy while the hardware spec sheet that includes 32GB onboard memory and a brilliant camera is equally impressive.   

    iPhone 5 (Rs 45,500 onwards): the wait for the next iPhone might have already begun and yet the iPhone 5 is still one of the fastest selling mobile gadgets out there. The ‘5’ took the iPhone into new territory with its brilliant 4-inch screen and exceptional design and build quality. With zillions of Apps and a polished user interface, the iPhone is almost impossible to ignore.

    Blackberry Z10 (Rs 42,000): The jury might still not be out on Blackberry’s much anticipated Smartphone that finally kept its date in the first half of 2013. Hardcore BB loyalists might miss the keyboard and the lack of physical buttons while some of the hardware specs might not measure up to its imposing rivals. The Z10 finds the balance between great design and an intuitive user interface that allows you to mix business with pleasure.


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