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  • Eco chic holiday
  • Date: 2013-10-11
  • Indian small towns can just be the right setting for niche resorts promoting this internationally trendy concept. Last week, I travelled much closer home than I am used to, to Pushkar, neither seeking nirvana in the temple nor the pleasures of hippie-dom in the kitschy cafes… but in fact a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of Delhi.


    The resort I checked into was aptly called Orchard--- set in the midst of a gooseberry orchard, an intimate set of 13 luxury tents, with an organic farm to boot. It turned out to be an ideal weekend getaway. Far from the maddening city, in the verdant greens, hammocks tied to trees where you could spend lazy afternoons, no TVs to bring you back to humdrum mundaneness, fresh homestyle food prepared from vegetables plucked off the homely garden, yoga on request and slices of local culture should you want these.


    Post sundown, the entire premises was lit by twinkling, old style lanterns and the only way to call on room service was by ringing a small bell—the kind we in India have at home on the altars while we pray. In short, this was an eco-chic retreat, a kind of holiday that is increasingly becoming fashionable to talk about. And yet the kind such few people in India are able to appreciate and engage in the true sense.


    The little break at the Orchard in Pushkar set me thinking about the concept of eco-chic luxury in India. What really constitutes eco-chic resorts? And what are the services/experiences that these need to bring forth to guests?


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