• Playing it like a Pro
  • Date: 2013-10-11
  • You know what is the difference about learning today versus learning twenty years ago, or, to put it in a more appropriate chronological percepctive, when I was of learning age? (And before you go there, this isn’t a ‘they don’t make ‘em like they used to’ nostalgic rant.)


    The difference is that two decades ago the same tools for learning weren’t available as they are today. Today there is little that is available to a professional that cannot also be procured by a debutante thereby lessening the divide of reach. What it then boils down to is simply determination and capability.


    Allow me to demonstrate with a few (personal) examples. I like to run; I find it an engaging activity. But when I used to run even ten years ago everything I used was generic. My shoes, my track suit, my music player with the ear buds, everything was multi-purpose and nothing was specifically engineered to enhance my performance.


    I didn’t acquire any injuries but in light of the ignorance that I was oblivious to then but wonder how now, I wasn’t what people would identify today as a runner. Today, I am a runner – from my compression gear to keep the blood circulation going, to the special ear buds that stay in place, from my shoes which are meant for over-pronated step to my socks which are cushioned at strategic stress points, I have pretty much the same equipment as the best professional runners in the world.


    Cycling is another similar indulgence. From the days of riding “scissor” by putting my leg between the top, down, and seat tube in any type of footwear to today when I can find special shoes to fit snugly into special pedals, clothes that reduce wind drag and a helmet that renders me highly aerodynamic, I am not too different in appearance from someone who does this for a living.


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