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  • Our pick of five special spa and therapies to try out this season
  • Date: 2013-07-12
  • By Subani Saxena

    You want that summer break quite clearly: To go to a place that has always been on your secret wishlist—where the sea and sky are blue, there’s a gentle breeze in the afternoon, wine and music and the tropical sun does not turn you to toast. But even as you make that mental journey from your office chair, there is a real one that you can head out on - without having to stress over taking leave from office or breaking your bank balance. Yes, we are talking about a spa visit. It’s the easiest way to de-stress, to fill your soul and mind with a relaxed calm without going on a legit holiday. Here are our recommendations for this season:


    1.    Kaya Kalp- The Royal Spa

    ITC Mughal Hotel, Taj Ganj, Agra

    Kaya Kalp is rightly acknowledged as providing some of the best spa experiences in the country. At the ITC Mughal, the magnificence is manifold. The spa experience is spread across an area covering more than 9200 square meters and guests have the opportunity of experiencing traditional therapies in interiors that celebrate the opulence and grandeur of the Mughal dynasty.  The spa follows the authentic Mughal garden tradition in its extensive use of greenery and water. It is well known that Babur brought into India his unique concept of gardens, with running water channels, fountains, fragrant flowers and fruit-bearing trees. In the Babur Nama, these are referred to as the ‘gardens of paradise’.


    Don’t miss:
    From across the seas, wrote about in their memoirs. In salutation to Mughal Emperor, Babar, the pomegranate fruit has been adapted as the theme, or liet motif, of this very regal spa. It is widely believed that Babar, was responsible for bringing in a wide variety of fruit, including the ‘pomegranate’ to India from his home land, Ferghana. At Kaya Kalp, ruby red pomegranates are an important design element, used on walls, the ceiling and on the white terrazzo flooring – which offers a dramatic inlay of red engineered stone, sweeping across the The Mughal mood is heightened at the open-air 25 - metre lap pool, surrounded by relaxation areas. Set within a garden of fruit-bearing trees, green lawns and flowers, this is where specialty poolside treatments will be offered as well as refreshments and snacks - in keeping with the mood of the spa.


    2.    Aristo Spa
    Grand Mercure Bengaluru

    Grand Mercure, an all suite Accor group hotel with its 17 studios and 109 suites, is uniquely positioned in not just the Bangalore but over all Indian market. But aside from the luxury suites that include spacious comfort, technological convenient with LCD TVs, DVD players, wi-fi, and personalised, non-intrusive service, the spa experience is a must try.


    Don’t miss:
    At the Aristo Spa and Salon, a rejuvenating spa package can leave you feeling tranquil and utterly indulged in. Try their back massage to invigorate yourself after a long flight, a foot massage after a hard day around town, a facial to make your skin sparkle before you enjoy a night out or simply an elegant haircut.

    3.    Rejuve – The Spa
    The LaLiT Resort & Spa, Bekal

    This Bekal resort is simply picture perfect, overlooking a tranquil lagoon. And, of course, Kerala is the ideal place for anyone looking for Ayurvedic healing. Different wellness experiences here are tailored to help you detoxify yourself and provide all-round wellness. They exploit Kerala's natural abundance of forests with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants.


    The spa rooms at Bekal are spread over an area of 915 sq ft and ideal for guests who understand the importance of a healthy mind along with healthy body. The interiors have features like wooden-finish roof, private gardens, large, custom-tiled bathrooms and private jacuzzi  pools set in a garden.

    Don’t miss:
    Experience a massage with exclusive LPG technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and contour the body. Colon Hydro Therapy to detoxify and promotes anti-aging and treatments to aid inch loss, firming and shaping of the body.  A healthy diet plan is also tailored for your requirements by an expert dietitian


    4.    Shanaya, The Spa
    Kempinski Ambience Delhi

    Shanaya, the spa at Kempinski Ambience Delhi, is the new destination in the city for rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Meaning ‘first ray of the sun’, Shanaya has five private treatment rooms offering Asian and Western treatments to its guests. Located on the fourth floor of the Club Tower, it offers a variety of massages including Ayurvedic, Thai and Swedish offering body massage, body scrubs and wraps, Shanaya Signature Rituals, Hammam and Ice Fountain to name a few for both men and women.

    Don’t miss:
    For a complete makeover, guests can head towards the modern salon, Hair by Dar. Celebrated hair expert, Dar, is a name in the fashion industry that needs no introduction. He is the man behind the gorgeous looks of leading Indian actresses and the who’s who in the city. The unisex salon provides modern facilities for hair care and has a nail bar, along with two separate bridal rooms.


    5.    Sidh Spa
    Hyatt Regency Chennai
    Siddh is an urban spa with in Hyatt Regency Chennai in the heart of the city, the Spa comprises Six spa suites with residential ambience, locker rooms with steam, sauna Jacuzzi and outdoor swimming pool located amidst ceramic garden art work known as Garden of Earthly delights. Grounded in the teaching of Siddha remedy, our Wellness Paths form the foundation for all Siddha Spa experiences.


    Do not miss:
    Nidra - VATHAM
    With jasmine offering a warm, deeply relaxing effect, this traditional massage offers a constant flow of long, firm downward strokes.


    Marma Shastra - PITHAM
    Balancing and toning with the ashwangandha herb, this Siddha treatment, handed down through generations, removes blockages and replenishes lost energy with marma point stimulation.
    Each, 60 or 90 minutes | INR 3100/3600


    Urja - KAPHAM
    Deep tissue massage and kneading techniques work on sensory nerves to provide heat and deep release as bitter orange and cinnamon uplift.


    Boosting immunity and activating detoxification, marma point stimulation on the feet and hands combine with soothing, gentle massage strokes and the essences of ashwangandha to improve energy.

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