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  • Date: 2013-07-12
  • Even though, DigiValet is less than a year old, the company today is a leading system integration company which provides automation and technology solutions for hotels, homes, boardrooms and a lot more…


    By Subani Saxena

    DigiValet is a simple, intuitive system, built on the world’s best operating system, the iOS from Apple. With a primary focus to excite the guests, DigiValet came up with this unique concept for hotels which allows guests to control all in-room facilities with the ease of a touchscreen. It is truly set a benchmark introducing ‘one room solution’ to hoteliers and has redefines the whole concept of hospitality by reducing the manpower services and customizing the services. The company boasts its USP of not being as a technology product but being a hospitality product. DigiValet is like an intelligent product helping the guests when they are in their room looking out for the lamp switches, willing to get the room made up, wishing to watch Tv and so on just with the help of an Ipad.


    DigiValet is helping hoteliers to redefine guest experiences in the world’s most luxurious hotels, from domestic hospitality torch-bearers such as Leela Palace, Oberoi Hotel & Resorts and ITC, to internationally renowned properties such as Armani Hotel and Torch Hotel. With just one touch on the Ipad, guests can control room lights, adjust air conditioning temperature, check who is at the door on the device and unlock the door, set up a wake-up call, book meals, surf the internet on TV through the device and much more. DigiValet captures guest preferences and seamlessly adds them into the Micros Opera System. Data can then be accessed not only in the same property but also in other properties of the same hotel chain. This in turn allows the hotel to customise guest experience in accordance to his or her preferences.


    This technology not only elevates guest experience, but also includes a host of invaluable benefits for hoteliers such as saving energy on un-rented rooms, analysing TV channel viewership to tailor a better channel mix, improving manpower efficiency, promoting of spa and restaurants, reporting of DND and MUR status etc.


    At present, DigiValet is equipped at the ITC Maurya Hotel, New Delhi in 86 rooms and probably will expand to 50 more rooms in the next quarter. At the ITC Grand Chola Chennai, about 30-25 per cent guests have already started using DigiValet in less than a year of the opening of the hotel. DigiValet is currently powering close to 4,000 rooms across the globe and taking guest service experiences to a whole new level, hand in hand with the world’s leading hotels and will be soon stepping into China market.


    With the focus on looking at the ‘convenience’ of the guests and then catering to the associated benefits, DigiValet is optimistic about the future and is also aiming to get into the residential segment very soon.

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