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  • SKYRA- changing the tableware dynamics
  • Date: 2015-10-20
  • Skyra professional tableware is one tableware equipment brand which since its inception has managed to retain the position of a market leader. Just three year old in the industry, the brand is giving its counterparts a run for their money and has upped the tableware game. Raghav Khosla, Founder and CEO, Skyra Professional Equipment in a candid conversation with HC shares the insights and the future plans of the company.



    Indian tableware and kitchenware manufacturers for ages have been developing products that are stylish and modern, but one major factor that the manufacturers actually miss on is the innovation of the products. Skyra professional tableware bought this unthought-of change in the industry and since last three years the brand has been developing or rather manufacturing equipments that are both stylish and innovative. “We at Skyra Professional tableware have a panel of chefs who advice us on the kind of product range that should be build up to suit the customer and market demands,” shares Raghav. Once a need is established and the solution is conceived, several meets are arranged to present the validity of the concept and based on the panel’s feedback, the product is redefined. Fine dining restaurateurs and caterers receive these products first, before they are released to the market in the following season.


    India unlike other countries is one major market that rather believes in eating warm food, be it on weddings or any other buffet counter, Indians prefer temperate food. Keeping in mind this very important issue, Skyra developed an entire range from buffet dishes to serving plates, to dish up the need and the brand is continuously making advances towards fulfilling the challenges that Indian hotels or caterers face during any social or corporate event. Raghav further shares, “Another major concern that the hotels and caterers face in the current situation are the storage of these dishes, keeping this in mind we at Skyra have especially build up products that are compact, foldable and easy to store, we try our best to simplify the staff job with our compact products.” A perfect example of this innovation are Skyra’s magnetic bricks which are not only compact but can be put into end number of uses, also their risers and levels are not just compact but are also foldable for easy storage and transmit.   


    With the evolution of customer demands and technology advances every sector of the hotel and supplier industry is evolving and the tableware and kitchenware segment is no exception to it. Understanding the technological need of the hour Raghav adds, “Technology is preliminary to play a great deal in tableware. In times to come, multiple cooking functions will be built-in into the tableware itself. Serving dishes will go digital with temperature and dampness control.


    They will have batteries and charging stations. Skyra is leading these innovations with its mission and focus – to develop tableware products that help the food taste better.”


    The Skyra team is betting huge on the tableware and kitchenware industry and within a period of three years the brand has set a niche for itself, their customer loyalty services and maintenance programs have made them a favourite amongst the hoteliers. The brand currently deals with some of the leading national and international hotel brands such as ITC, Accor, Starwood and a number of standalone properties.

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